About Us

At CostTally, we are on a mission to empower all consumers by equipping them with comprehensive cost knowledge.

We provide extensively researched, real-world cost data and price insights across hundreds of spending categories – from weddings and funerals to homes, vehicles, appliances, renovations, travel, medical procedures, and more.

About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that knowledge is power. And when it comes to your hard-earned money, cost knowledge gives you the power to spend confidently, tally budgets wisely, and plan financially. Without clarity on true costs, it’s impossible to answer vital questions like:

  • Can I afford this purchase now or should I save up?
  • Is this deal worth it or overpriced?
  • What is the best value option when comparing similar products/services?
  • How can I maximize expenses for an upcoming purchase/event?

This lack of financial vision is how consumers end up overspending, overwhelmed by buyer’s remorse, and stressed by ballooning credit card bills. CostTally fixes this by arming you with cost clarity.

The CostTally Difference

What sets us apart is an unrelenting focus on real-world cost data you won’t find aggregated anywhere else. While sites are reviewing the latest gadgets and gear or providing general budget overviews, none have granular price details on such an extensive range of categories.

We shine light down to the dollar on costs for:

  • Hundreds of electronics, appliances, jewelry items, and more.
  • Every step of home buying/selling, remodeling, construction.
  • Common medical tests, procedures, and medications.
  • Vehicle makes/models, features, maintenance.
  • Weddings, funerals, birthdays, holiday spending.
  • Travel expenses: flights, hotels, rental cars, activities.
  • Much more, and expanding every week.

You’ll also find practical budget calculators and tools allowing you to tally and plan around occasions like moving, having a baby, or sending kids to college.

Ultimately, we exist to end information asymmetry around what things cost. With an enlightened view of prices, you’re equipped to manage finances and achieve goals in a way simply not possible while flying cost-blind.

We invite you to join millions of monthly readers in taking control of spend with CostTally. Please explore our site and let us know if you have any other cost information needs!