How Much Does Claire’s Charge For Ear Piercing Cost?


With nearly 4,000 locations across North America, Claire’s is one of the most trusted destinations for ear piercings. As a specialty accessory and piercing retailer catering predominantly to young women and teens, they have perfected the art of the earlobe piercing procedure at accessible price points.


So how much does it cost to get your ears pierced at Claire’s? Their standard pricing is straightforward and upfront. For conventional earlobe piercings, using a sterile earring and instrument, Claire’s charges $30 for a single piercing and $50 for a set of dual or double piercings.

This covers both ears and includes the starter set, aftercare solution, and instructions. For more complex cartilage or nose piercings, additional fees from $5-20 apply. Optional upgrades are also available for hypoallergenic, gold-plated, or solid gold starter earrings at added cost.

However, the base prices remain very reasonable, especially relative to specialized body piercing studios that can charge upwards of $75 per ear.


By understanding Claire’s standard ear piercing costs and customizable upgrades, you can budget accordingly and take advantage of seasonal promotions or membership perks to save money on your next ear piercings.

How Much Does Claire’s Charge For Ear Piercing Cost?

Claire's Ear Piercing Cost


By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of Claire’s ear piercing costs and policies so you can make an informed decision shared by the CostTally Team.

Claire’s Standard Ear Piercing Costs

Claire’s offers ear piercings starting at the base price below:

  • $30 for single standard earlobe piercings
  • $50 for dual standard earlobe piercings

Here’s what the standard pricing includes:

  • Brief consultation to determine piercing placement.
  • Marking of the ears before piercing.
  • Use of sterile, preloaded piercing earrings and instruments.
  • Specialized aftercare solutions and detailed instructions.
  • 6-8 week standard warranty and free follow-up service.

So for the starting $30 fee, you receive a complete professional piercing experience along with advice and products to support healing.

Additional charges apply in these scenarios:

  • Specialty piercing locations like the cartilage or nose ($5-20 extra).
  • Upgrade to hypoallergenic, gold-plated, or solid gold starter earrings ($10-30 extra).
  • Each additional ear piercing is done at the same session ($10-20 per piercing).

By choosing Claire’s standard earlobe piercing service without many upgrades or add-ons, you can get your ears pierced affordably and safely.


Factors That Impact Cost

Several variables can alter the total price you pay to get your ears pierced at Claire’s. These factors include:

Piercing Type & Location

  • Earlobes: $30 single, $50 dual
  • Cartilage: $35+
  • Other body parts like nose: $35+

Starter Earring Selection

  • Standard steel: Included
  • Hypoallergenic: +$10
  • Gold plated: +$15-20
  • Solid gold: +$30+

Number of Piercings

  • Single: $30
  • Dual/Double: $50
  • Triple or more: +$10-20 per additional


  • Membership discounts: 10-20% off
  • Seasonal sales: Vary

Overall, earlobe piercings start at $30 each while specialty cartilage or facial piercings incur added fees. The choice of starter earrings and several piercings also changes costs. Regular sales and memberships offer perks.

Ear Piercing Care & Tips at Claire’s

Safety First Claire’s takes extensive measures to keep their 2 million annual piercings safe. Their specialists are expertly trained and adhere to meticulous sterilization standards. Here is an overview:

  • Sterile, preloaded single-use piercing instruments
  • 100% disinfected workstations before every procedure
  • Technicians wash their hands and wear fresh gloves
  • Marked piercing entry/exit points for precision

Step-by-Step Piercing Process

From the initial consult to aftercare guidelines, Claire’s ear piercing process is designed with care in mind:

  1. Consultation on placement and jewelry
  2. Ear cleaning with a sterile wipe
  3. Marking entry/exit points
  4. Piercing with steady, gentle pressure
  5. Securing of starter earring
  6. Review of aftercare details

Healing Aftercare

Proper aftercare is vital for quick healing. Claire’s provides an antiseptic solution and details proper care protocol. Tips include:

  • Cleaning – Use saline spray or wipes around the piercing 2x daily
  • Rotation – Gently rotate the secure earring 360 degrees daily
  • Avoidance – Don’t touch with dirty hands or sleep on new piercings
  • Downsize – Switch to lighter earrings after 6-8 weeks

Prevention of Issues

By following Claire’s recommendations, you can avoid common problems like:

  • ✔️ Infection: Stay diligent with cleaning routine
  • ✔️ Rejection: Don’t rotate too early; downsize earring
  • ✔️ Closure: Keep stabilized earring continuously worn

Claire’s sets their clients up for successful, problem-free healing.

Claire’s Memberships & Cost Savings:

Claire’s offers memberships that provide perks like discounts on ear piercings and other services. Two membership tiers exist:


🔸 Icing Club ($15 annually):

  • 10% off piercings and jewelry
  • Free birthday piercing or gift
  • Exclusive specials

🔸 Icing Credit Card:

  • 20% discount on piercings
  • 5 points per $1 spent to redeem rewards
  • Other rotating bonuses

These memberships often pay for themselves in savings from the 10-20% piercing discounts. Other non-member perks include periodic sales on piercing services and Claire’s tailored email offers if you provide your contact information.

Comparisons With Other Retailers

With nearly 4 decades of piercing expertise from their trained specialists, Claire’s offers unparalleled value from a trusted retailer. Mall kiosks often seem like a deal but frequently lack accreditation, while independent studios charge premium rates.


🔻 Mall Kiosks

  • Risk of inadequate training or cleanliness.
  • Very low cost but higher risk.
  • Often no warranty or aftercare.

🔺 Local Shops

  • Customized service and high quality.
  • Piercers have years of specialized training.
  • Premium pricing of $40-75 per piercing.

For better quality control than kiosks and lower prices than boutiques, Claire’s hits the sweet spot on affordability and safety from a dedicated piercing brand.



With standard earlobe piercings starting at just $30 including earrings, prep supplies, and aftercare, Claire’s offers an accessible and responsible piercing option. Their trained specialists pierce both ears for only $50.

While specialty or ornate earrings incur extra fees, the base pricing remains very reasonable relative to independent studios. Memberships and promotions allow you to save 10-20% or more.

By reviewing their sterilization standards and healing best practices, you can feel assured about selecting Claire’s for your next ear piercings.

For any other questions on their policies or pricing, visit their official website or stop by your local Claire’s store.


Their friendly piercing experts are happy to consult about getting your ears pierced comfortably within your budget.

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