How Much Does It Cost To Patch A Tire At Firestone?


Have you ever gotten a flat tire and wondered where to go to get it fixed? Look no further than your local Firestone Complete Auto Care.


They offer full service when it comes to patching up punctured tires.

How Much Does It Cost To Patch A Tire At Firestone?

How Much Does It Cost To Patch A Tire At Firestone


But before we dive into the costs, let’s back up and talk about what Firestone is all about and why you might need to patch a tire in the first place.


What is Firestone?

Firestone is one of the biggest names in tires and auto repairs in the United States.

They’ve been around since way back in 1900 – that’s over 120 years of helping keep cars rolling smoothly and safely on the road.

When you go to Firestone, you can get all sorts of services done on your vehicle, like:

  • Tire repairs and replacements
  • Oil changes
  • Brake work
  • Wheel alignments
  • And a whole lot more

They’re like a one-stop shop for everything your car needs to stay in tip-top shape. So if you find yourself with a hole in your tire, Firestone is a place you can turn to for help.


Why Would You Need to Patch a Tire?

Alright, so let’s say you’re driving along and suddenly your tire pressure warning light comes on. Or maybe you hear a hissing sound and realize you’ve run over a nail.

Bummer, right? Now you’ve got a puncture in your tire and air is leaking out. If you don’t get it fixed, you could end up with a full-on flat tire.

That’s where patching comes in. When there’s a small hole in the tread part of your tire (the part that touches the road), a patch can seal it up and keep the air from escaping.

It’s important to patch a punctured tire as soon as you can. Otherwise, you might end up having to replace the whole tire, and that can get pricey.


What Does Patching a Tire Involve?

Great question! Here are the basic steps of patching a tire:

  1. Find the puncture: A technician will take the tire off the wheel and inspect it inside and out to pinpoint the location of the leak.
  2. Prep the area: They’ll use tools to clean up and rough up the rubber around the hole. This helps the patch stick.
  3. Fill the hole: Using a special rubberized material, they’ll fill in the puncture from the inside of the tire.
  4. Apply the patch: A patch gets put over the filled hole on the interior of the tire and sealed in place.
  5. Put it all back together: The tire goes back on the wheel, gets inflated to the right pressure, and is balanced and reinstalled on your vehicle.

Voila! Your tire is patched and ready to roll. The whole process usually takes around 15-30 minutes. Keep in mind that some punctures can’t be patched, like if the hole is in the sidewall or if the tire is otherwise too damaged. In those cases, you’ll likely need to replace the tire completely.

What’s the Cost to Patch a Tire at Firestone?

Now for the burning question – how much is this going to cost you?

Well, the exact price can vary a bit depending on factors like your specific location, tire size, and so on.


But in general, you can expect a tire patch at Firestone to run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-$30.

Here’s a quick and easy table breaking down the typical cost range:

Service Price Range
Tire Patch Only $20-$30

Not too bad, right? Cheaper than having to get a whole new tire in most cases. Keep in mind this is just for the patch itself.

If your tire is too damaged to repair, you’re looking at a new tire, which will cost quite a bit more (the exact price depends on your specific tire).


And if you need additional services like rebalancing the tire, there can be extra costs for that too.

But overall, getting a tire patched at Firestone is a pretty affordable fix to keep you rolling.

What Other Kinds of Services Does Firestone Offer?

Glad you asked! Firestone does offer a massive range of auto services. Whether your car needs something as simple as an oil change or as complex as engine work, they’ve got you covered.

Let’s break down some of the key services they provide:

  • Tire Services
    • Rotations
    • Balancing
    • Mounting and installation
    • Flat repairs (including patches)
  • Oil Changes & Fluids
    • Engine oil and filter changes
    • Other fluids like transmission, power steering, coolant, etc.
  • Brakes
    • Pad and rotor replacements
    • Brake fluid exchange
    • Anti-lock brake system maintenance
  • Alignment
    • Adjustments to camber, toe, and caster angles
    • Helps with even tire wear and vehicle handling
  • Batteries
    • Testing battery condition
    • Installing new batteries
  • Engine & Transmission
    • Diagnostics and repairs
    • Tune-ups and maintenance
    • Timing belt replacements
    • Spark plug replacements
  • A/C & Heating
    • Testing and recharging refrigerant
    • Fixing leaks
    • Replacing air filters
  • Inspections & Emissions
    • Multi-point and state-specific vehicle inspections
    • Emissions testing
  • And more!

As you can see, Firestone can handle just about anything your vehicle needs.

And many of their services are available at very competitive and affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over a few common questions people have about getting tires patched at Firestone:

  • Q: How long does a tire patch take?

A: Usually about 15-30 minutes, unless there’s a waiting line. It’s a pretty quick process overall.

  • Q: Is patching a tire a permanent fix?

A: Yes, a properly applied patch by a professional is considered a permanent repair. Your tire should be good to go for the remainder of its tread life.

  • Q: When is a tire unsafe to patch?

A: If the puncture is on the sidewall, larger than ΒΌ inch in diameter, or the tire has internal damage, a patch won’t cut it. The tire will likely need to be replaced in those cases.

  • Q: How much does it cost to patch a tire at Firestone?

A: Typically between $20-$30, although exact prices may vary slightly based on location and tire size.

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The Bottom Line

So there you have it! If you’ve got a hole in your tire, Firestone Complete Auto Care is a great place to go to get it patched up.

For somewhere around 20 to 30 bucks, they can seal up that pesky puncture and send you safely on your way.

And while you’re there, you can get all sorts of other services done too, from oil changes to brake work and beyond.


Remember, catching and fixing a tire puncture early is key. The longer you drive on it, the more damage can occur, and the higher the risk that you’ll end up needing a costly new tire instead of a simple patch.

So if your tire pressure warning light comes on or you suspect you’ve picked up a nail, head on over to Firestone.

With their competitive prices, expert technicians, and a full range of auto care services, Firestone is a solid choice when you need to get your car the maintenance and repairs it needs to stay running right.

And at 20 to 30 dollars for a tire patch, it’s an affordable fix that can save you major money and headaches down the line.


Safe driving out there!

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