How Much is TB Test at CVS?


What’s the cost of tuberculosis (TB) screening at CVS MinuteClinics? Located conveniently inside CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide, these walk-in medical clinics provide quick, affordable access to vital health services like TB testing.


The standard pricing is just $65 total without insurance – $35 for the initial tuberculin skin test injection, then $30 for the mandatory follow-up visit 48-72 hours later to read the test result. This covers the entire process of screening for a TB infection.

Compare that to urgent care clinics charging nearly double! For those meeting CDC guidelines for TB testing, MinuteClinics offers major cost savings and convenience right in your local CVS.

This article will break down everything you need to know about getting tested and treated for tuberculosis at CVS. You’ll learn about the tuberculin skin test procedure, what tuberculosis disease involves, early symptoms to watch for, accuracy tips for testing, required follow-up if results are positive, and more.


We’ll also explore other common health and wellness services available through CVS MinuteClinics beyond just TB screening. Read on for the complete guide to finding accessible, affordable healthcare close to home at your neighborhood pharmacy’s walk-in clinic.

How Much is TB Test at CVS?

How Much is TB Test at CVS


The standard pricing is:

  • Initial TB skin test: $35
  • Reading/consultation 48-72 hours later: $30
  • Total cost: $65

This covers both the initial injection and the follow-up reading to check the results. Read on for an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about getting tested and treated for TB at CVS.


What is Tuberculosis (TB)?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial lung infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. It primarily attacks the lungs but can also spread to other parts of the body.

There are two main categories of TB:

  1. Latent TB Infection

Also known as inactive TB. This means you have the TB bacteria in your body but your immune system is keeping it under control. The bacteria are alive but inactive, so there are no symptoms. Latent TB is not contagious. However, without treatment, latent TB can reactivate and progress to active TB disease later on.

  1. Active TB Disease

This is when the TB bacteria overcome and start multiplying, attacking different parts of the body, usually the lungs. Active TB causes symptoms like coughing, chest pain, coughing up blood, fever, chills, night sweats, appetite loss, etc. It can be transmitted from person to person through the air when coughing or sneezing. Active TB requires prompt medical treatment.


If left untreated, TB bacteria can spread beyond the lungs, causing severe damage to vital organs like the kidneys, spine, brain, etc. Getting tested for TB is crucial for early detection and treatment before extensive damage occurs.

The Tuberculin Skin Test

The standard method of TB screening is called a tuberculin skin test (TST), commonly known as a TB skin test. This is what CVS MinuteClinics uses to check for TB infection.

It involves injecting a small amount of tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) just under the top layer of skin, usually on your inner forearm. This PPD solution contains TB proteins to trigger an immune reaction if you have TB bacteria in your body.

A small bump may form at the injection site, which you monitor at home over the next 48-72 hours.


When you return to the clinic after 2-3 days, the nurse will check for any swelling, hardening, or redness at the injection site. They measure the area of reaction on your skin (called induration).

As per CDC guidelines, an induration over 10 mm is considered positive in high-risk groups like healthcare workers, contacts of active TB patients, immunocompromised people, etc. An induration over 15 mm is positive for the general public.

A positive TST signifies that latent or active TB bacteria have been detected in your body. Further testing like a chest X-ray is then required to assess the extent of infection, whether contagious active TB is present, and determine appropriate treatment.

Should I Get a TB Test?

It’s recommended to get a TB skin test at CVS MinuteClinic if:

  • Required by your employer or for overseas travel, especially to high TB-incidence regions like Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Have prolonged symptoms like cough, coughing up blood, unexpected weight loss, fever, and night sweats.
  • At higher risk due to health conditions or close/frequent contact with someone who has active TB

Regular TB screening every 1-2 years is mandatory for high-risk occupations like healthcare workers, laboratory personnel, correctional facilities employees, migrants entering certain countries, etc.

MinuteClinics provides easy access right inside your neighborhood CVS Pharmacy for this vital public health service.

What to Expect During TB Testing?

The process involves two visits spanning 48-72 hours:

First Visit

  • Eligibility screening
    • Medical history review
    • Confirm no prior positive tests or compromised immunity
  • Tuberculin injection under forearm skin
  • Monitor injection site reaction at home

Second Visit (48-72 hours later)

  • Measurement of skin reaction by nurse
  • Receive positive or negative TB test result
  • Recommendations for follow-up if the result is positive

The entire process is very quick and simple during both visits:

  • First visit takes less than 15 minutes
  • The second visit takes under 10 minutes

You’ll save around 40% compared to the average cost at urgent care clinics or primary care doctors’ offices. No appointment is required to get a TB test at CVS MinuteClinics. Just walk in at your convenience during pharmacy hours.

But make sure to return within 48-72 hours from your injection time for accurate reading and interpretation of your test result.


Key Tips to Remember

  • ✓ Confirm your nearest CVS Pharmacy has a MinuteClinic inside for TB testing. Use the online clinic locator tool.
  • ✓ Cost is $65 ($35 injection + $30 reading) without insurance. Bring your health insurance card to lower costs.
  • ✓ Return within 48-72 hours of getting the injection for proper measurement.
  • ✓ If you miss the 48-72 hour window, the test must be redone from the start.
  • ✓ Retesting is required if any other infections were present during the test.
  • ✓ Do not bathe, swim, or expose the injection site to moisture for 24 hours after the test.

Is Tuberculosis Dangerous?

Yes, tuberculosis can certainly be life-threatening if the infection goes unchecked or untreated.

Active TB disease is highly contagious and spreads easily from person to person through air droplets, typically from coughing. It often starts by infecting the lungs where it causes progressive damage as bacteria multiply rapidly.

From there, the infection can spread through the bloodstream to attack other organs like the kidneys, spine, brain, etc. This leads to severe health complications, which can be fatal.

Additionally, the emergence of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) has made the infection more difficult to treat globally. Early detection and prompt treatment are vital, even for latent TB without symptoms.


By making TB tests fast, affordable, and easily accessible, CVS MinuteClinics plays a crucial public health role. Catching infections early vastly improves outcomes and lowers TB transmission rates across communities.

FAQs on TB Test Cost at CVS:

  • Where can I get a TB test near me?

Visit any CVS Pharmacy location with an inside MinuteClinic for fast, convenient access to TB testing. Use the online clinic locator to find one close by.

  • Does the TB test injection hurt?

There may be brief discomfort as the needle goes under the top layer of skin on your inner forearm. However, the actual injection contains only a tiny amount of fluid. The area might feel slightly sore for a day or two.

  • When will I get my test results?

Return to the MinuteClinic 48-72 hours after getting your injection so the nurse can check your reaction and interpret your result. Going outside this window will require starting the whole test over.

  • What happens if my TB test result is positive?

A positive TB test means TB bacteria have been detected in your body. Further testing like a chest X-ray, physical exam, and likely treatment will be required. Listen to your MinuteClinic provider for proper follow-up.

  • Can I get same-day TB test results?

No, you must return 48-72 hours after the injection. This gap allows sufficient time for a measurable immune reaction to develop under the skin. Quicker results are not possible with the standard testing method.

  • Does the timing of my second visit affect accuracy?

Yes. Having your injection site checked 48-72 hours later is vital for an accurate test reading. Too soon, and the reaction may not have fully developed. Too late makes it harder to interpret.




Tuberculosis remains an extremely contagious disease that turns fatal without timely detection and proper antibiotic treatment. Screening for TB infection is critical if you have any occupational hazard or suspect exposure from travel or contact with infected individuals.

Fortunately, CVS MinuteClinics located inside CVS Pharmacy stores across the country provides quick, affordable access to tuberculin skin testing for just $65 without insurance.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants carefully administer the test and analyze results to uncover TB infection early when treatment success rates are highest. By catching cases early, CVS prevents worse outcomes, stops transmission chains before they start, and safeguards community health.


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