How Much Does It Cost to Rent Disneyland?


The iconic Disneyland Park captures the imagination of families, couples, and children around the world. Many dream of having its fantastical realms exclusively to themselves to celebrate milestone events or create lifelong memories. But how much does it cost to rent Disneyland?


While renting the entire Disneyland Resort remains an ambitious dream for most, you can rent portions of the park to host enchanting weddings, unforgettable birthdays, glamorous galas, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Disneyland?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Disneyland


We’ll break down everything you need to know about renting parts of Disneyland for special events, including:

  • The costs and planning involved
  • Who has rented Disneyland for exclusive celebrations
  • How to budget for your own magical Disneyland vacation
  • Why using a Disney Travel Agent is key
  • Frequently asked questions

So let your imagination soar as we uncover the spellbinding possibilities of events at “The Happiest Place on Earth!”

Celebrating Life’s Magical Moments at Disneyland

Disneyland’s captivating lands offer backdrops that turn special celebrations into cherished memories. Whether you envision a fairytale wedding or an intimate birthday, Disneyland makes dreams come true.

  • Enchanting Disneyland Weddings

For couples seeking storybook romance, Disneyland Resort offers stunning venues for magical weddings. Exchange vows before the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle surrounded by adored Disney characters for a ceremony that feels straight from a fantasy film.

Disneyland wedding packages include:

  • Charming horse-drawn carriages
  • Florals and décor infused with Disney enchantment
  • Memorable photo sessions amid fantasy backdrops
  • Custom cakes and catering

Packages can be tailored to your vision, with customizable add-ons like live music and celebrity officiants.

Costs: Disneyland wedding packages start around $12,000, with pricing varying based on date, guest count, and specific inclusions.

  • Birthday Dreams Come True

Disneyland makes birthdays extraordinary at any age. Enjoy private parties, character meet-and-greets, and celebration buttons, or gather intimately at a restaurant like the Blue Bayou. Disney magic turns every birthday into a cherished event.

Costs: Prices vary based on party size and inclusions. Private Disney character experiences generally start at $700+. Restaurant buyouts range from $3,000-$8,000+.

Theme Description Starting Cost
Princess Tea Party Tea party styled event with Disney Princesses $700
Pirate Adventure Embark on pirate quests with Jack Sparrow $1,200
Radiator Springs Experience Cars Land with Lightning McQueen $1,500
Star Wars Adventure Join Chewbacca and Rey in Galaxy’s Edge adventures $1,800

Packages customized to your youngster’s delight are sure to create lifelong magical memories!

Who Has Rented Out Disneyland?

While everyday visitors can’t rent the entire Disneyland Resort, portions have been reserved for celebrity weddings, corporate events, movie premieres, and more!

  • Glamorous Celebrity Weddings

Disney magic has graced celebrity weddings like singer Mariah Carey and TV host Nick Cannon’s. Entertainer Gwen Stefani and musician Blake Shelton also exchanged vows in an intimate Disney chapel ceremony.

For proposals, superstar Ariana Grande’s boyfriend popped the question at Disneyland, while personalities like Rob Dyrdek also chose the Most Magical Place as their engagement locale. These celebrity events show Disneyland’s versatile venues can meet any VIP’s vision!

  • Dazzling Corporate Gatherings

Disneyland offers spaces suited for corporate celebrations. Its flexible venues have hosted galas, product launches, team-building adventures, and more.

The resort’s world-class hospitality, iconic theming, and state-of-the-art A/V capabilities make it a premier choice for corporate occasions. Companies recognize Disney magic takes gatherings to the next level for unbeatable immersive experiences.

  • Glitzy Movie Events

Disneyland has opened its gates for Hollywood film premieres and posh galas on numerous occasions.

With a touch of movie magic blending into its charm, Disneyland brings a celebrity vibe that makes such occasions unparalleled VIP events. The energy and theming transform each affair into an exclusive experience for attendees.


So whether you’re walking the red carpet or celebrating privately, Disneyland adds show-stopping dazzle!

Budgeting for Your Own Disneyland Vacation

Beyond special events, a regular Disneyland getaway still feels exceptional. Here’s what to budget for to turn theme park dreams into reality:

  • Disneyland Resort Hotels

Splurge on official Disneyland hotels starting around $300/night like the Fairy Tale-themed Disneyland Hotel for ultimate convenience and theming.

Good neighbor hotels within walking distance are good mid-range options from $150-$250/night.


Choose budget hotels under $150/night farther from parks and take the ART shuttle.

Tip: Avoid peak seasons like summers and holidays for lower hotel prices!

  • Disneyland Tickets

Single-day tickets start around $104-$179 depending on season. Multi-day tickets allow cheaper per-day costs to maximize time in parks:

Ticket # Days Cost Per Day
1 Day/1 Park 1 $104-$179 $104+
Park Hopper 1 $169-$224 $169+
2 Day 2 $285 $143
3 Day 3 $360 $120
4 Day 4 $395 $99
5 Day 5 $415 $83

Note: Prices vary seasonally


Purchase discounted multi-day tickets in advance for the best value.

  • Food

Allot $50 per person per day for meals and snacks inside Disneyland. Bring your snacks to save money!

Set a daily souvenir budget for little keepsakes so kids don’t overspend on toys and merch.

Utilize a Disney Travel Agent to maximize perks and savings for a magical, budget-friendly adventure!


Why You Need a Disneyland Travel Agent?

Disneyland Vacation Planners enhance trips through expertise gained from regular Disney travel. Benefits include:

  • Vacation Planning Expertise

As Disney devotees, agents stay on top of all the updates across Disney parks worldwide. We put extensive personal experience into expertly planning magical, seamless vacations catered to each family’s preferences.

  • Time Savings

Planning Disney trips is fun but time-consuming. Agents handpick hotels, find discounts on tickets and dining, book FastPasses, and arrange transportation for complete, stress-free vacations.

  • Insider Tips & Perks

Agents utilize special access to Disney perks, packages, and deals not available to everyday guests. We arrange VIP tours and services for ultimate magical experiences.


For exceptional, personalized service when planning Disney vacations, always book through a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting Disneyland

  • 1. Can I rent all of Disneyland Park for a day?

No, renting the entire Disneyland Park for a full day is not an option that is offered to regular guests. Only partial buyouts are available.

  • 2. What parts of Disneyland can be rented?

Specific areas like venues, restaurants, and rides can be rented out. Popular options include Sleeping Beauty Castle, private dining rooms, and some FastPass lines.

  • 3. How far in advance should I book a Disneyland rental?

For premium dates, book your Disneyland rental 6 months to 1 year in advance. For off-peak dates, 2-4 months in advance may be sufficient.

  • 4. Can I bring in outside catering or vendors?

You can typically use preferred Disney vendors for things like catering, decor, and rentals. Outside vendors may be limited or require fees.

  • 5. Is alcohol permitted at Disneyland rental events?

Yes, alcohol can be served through Disney catering to adult guests at certain rental events like weddings or corporate events. There are guidelines and limitations in place.

  • 6. Do I have to use Disney hotels if I rent a venue?

No, you can book accommodations outside of the Disneyland Resort area if preferred. Using official hotels can have perks though.

  • 7. Are discounts available for large-group Disneyland rentals?

Yes, pricing is often negotiable for group events with enough scale. Ask your Disneyland planner about deals.

  • 8. Can I get married inside Cinderella Castle?

No, unlike Walt Disney World, Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland does not offer inside weddings. Outdoor ceremonies are available.

  • 9. Is tax included or added to rental costs?

Taxes and service fees are typically excluded from the base rental pricing and will be added on. Be sure to account for these extra costs when budgeting.

  • 10. Can I rent Disneyland for a graduation event?

Certainly! Disneyland makes a fantastic venue for milestone events like graduations, birthdays, proposals, and more through customized events.

Let me know if you need any other details on planning a magical Disneyland group event or buyout!


Start Planning Your Own Disneyland Getaway

At “The Happiest Place on Earth,” magic awaits around every corner from playful attractions to dazzling entertainment. Though you may not be able to rent the entire park, that won’t stop your Disneyland dreams from coming true!

  • Imagine the Possibilities

Let your imagination soar thinking of ways to incorporate Disney magic into your next special gathering, whether it’s saying “I Do” before a real-life castle or blowing out birthday candles with Mickey himself!

Even without buyouts, Disneyland resort stays immerse you in themed wonder. Enjoy extra park time on early admission and extended summer/holiday hours for less crowded riding. Marvel at nighttime fireworks and shows that turn dreams into memories.

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Make the Dream a Reality

When you’re ready to start planning, connect with an expert Disneyland Travel Planner dedicated to exceptional client experiences.


We unlock insider tips, exclusives, and perks for utterly enchanting vacations seamlessly arranged to maximize magic.

Don’t just dream of Disneyland…let’s make those dreams come true! Reach out now to start creating your family’s magical memories.

The world of fantasy and adventure awaits at Disneyland Resort! Contact a personal Disneyland Vacation Planner to begin transforming your next special celebration or getaway into a memory that will last a lifetime.

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