Crumbl Cookie Prices 2024


Crumbl Cookies have taken the world by storm with their weekly rotating menus of creative, high quality cookie flavors. But are the custom creations worth the price? Read on to find out exactly how much Crumbl Cookies cost per cookie and in different box sizes – plus if the cost justifiable for the ingredients, flavor, and experience.


We’ll cover everything from current Crumbl prices and factors impacting costs to a brand overview and how they compare with competitors. Consider this your guide to evaluating if Crumbl’s indulgent treats fit your budget!

Crumbl Cookie Prices 2024

Crumbl Cookie Prices


  • Individual Cookie – $3.98-$4.48 per cookie
  • 4-Pack Box – $11.98-$14.98 for 4 cookies
  • 6-Pack Box – $16.98-$19.98 for 6 cookies
  • 12-Pack Box – $32.98-$39.98 for 12 cookies
  • Bulk Order (50 cookies) – $99.99 for party box

As you’ll notice, buying Crumbl Cookies in bulk is the most cost effective in terms of price per cookie. While individual cookies ring up around $4, per unit pricing drops to around $2/cookie when buying boxes.


Special occasion and limited edition Crumbl flavors fetch the higher end of the per cookie pricing spectrum. For unique creations with premium ingredients, expect to pay a premium.

About Crumbl Cookies:

For those not familiar with the brand, here’s a quick primer on how Crumbl Cookies made a name for themselves:

  • Specialty gourmet cookie company launched in 2017 in Utah
  • Weekly rotating menu with 4-5 unique flavors like Cornbread, Ambrosia, and Snickerdoodle
  • Cookies are always freshly baked daily in small batches
  • Franchise model leads to rapid nationwide expansion – 500+ locations
  • Developed a cult following for creative flavors and trendy pink boxes

While Crumbl offers classics like Milk Chocolate Chip, half the fun is discovering new flavors like Key Lime Pie or Caramel Popcorn. The element of surprise + consistently highly-rated recipes keep fans coming back week after week.

Read on to better understand the allure, costs, and overall value proposition of Crumbl Cookies when stacked up against competitors.


The Allure of Crumbl Cookies:

Why exactly have these gourmet cookies amassed such an enthusiastic fanbase? Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Quality ingredients – real butter, vanilla, chocolate, and eggs make traditional flavors shine too
  • Presentation – pretty pink boxes and special occasion cookie cakes convey love
  • Creative flavors – weekly specials and partnerships (Oreo!) excite cookie-lovers
  • Friendly franchisees & staff enhance the warm, welcoming experience
  • Freshness – smell the just-baked goodness as you walk in the door

While more expensive than grocery store cookies, Crumbl positioned themselves as an affordable luxury for cookie enthusiasts. Even at $4/cookie, devout fans happily carve out room in their budgets for these over-the-top cookie creations.

Factors Influencing Crumbl Cookies Menu Prices:

What goes into pricing those pretty pink boxes? Here are the key considerations:

  • Ingredient costs – real butter, chocolate, eggs and sugars don’t come cheap, especially at nationwide franchise scale
  • Labor – each cookie is handcrafted, quality checked, and batch baked fresh = staffing costs
  • Brand hype & loyal following – when cookies sell out weekly, prices remain less elastic
  • Strong consumer demand allows Crumbl to charge premium prices for unique flavor innovation
  • Packaging/presentation details – custom boxes, tissue paper, ribbons = marginal extra costs
  • Franchise model – corporate and individual location profits also impact pricing

While certainly pricier than homemade, Crumbl fans feel the superior quality, creativity, and experience justifies the indulgence.


Crumbl Cookies vs Other Bakeries

How does Crumbl pricing stack up against competitor cookie companies?

Bakery Single Cookie Price
Crumbl $3.98 – $4.48
Mrs. Fields $2.50 – $3.50
Insomnia Cookies $1.99 – $2.29
Great American Cookies $1.99+

Crumbl trends higher than most cookie chains for individual cookie pricing but rewards larger bulk buys. And fans suggest Crumbl’s generous portion sizes justify the single cookie cost.

The takeaway? While not the most economic choice, loyalists believe Crumbl delivers superior quality and creativity to validate the prices.

Special Packaging Adds to the Cost:

From the signature pink boxes to custom ribbons and tissue paper, part of what customers pay for is Crumbl’s expert packaging for gifting.


While the materials themselves don’t add too much incremental cost at scale, they undoubtedly boost perceived value. Unboxing Crumbl Cookies feels like an event thanks to little touches like:

  • Custom designed paper boxes & brown bags w/ logo
  • Tissue paper to protect and display each cookie
  • Personalized message stickers
  • Coordinating ribbons & bows for added flair

For holidays, birthdays, or showing someone you care, Crumbl’s presentation makes cookies feel gift-worthy. While customers acknowledge they pay a couple extra dollars for packaging, most agree it enhances the experience.

Customer Opinions on Crumbl Value

When we analyze Crumbl Cookies reviews and discussions online, a few common themes around value emerge:

  • 🍪 Worth budgeting for – fans happily allot discretionary funds for their weekly cookie habit
  • 🍪 Special occasion splurge – birthdays, celebrations call for Crumbl’s gorgeous customizable cookie cakes
  • 🍪 Worth the calories – customers acknowledge they’re a treat to enjoy in moderation
  • 🍪 Addictive flavors – once you try flavors like cornbread or Snickers, good luck resisting!
  • 🍪 Present beautifully – the pretty packaging makes Crumbl the perfect gift

The consensus? People are happy to pay a bit more for an exceptional, convenient, giftable luxury cookie experience from Crumbl. While not an everyday value purchase, fans mostly agree occasional indulging is justified, with loyalists going as far to make enjoying Crumbl a weekly routine.


Where To Buy Crumbl Cookies Near Me? [Crumbl Cookie Prices]

Have we convinced you to give Crumbl Cookies a try?

Here’s how to get your hands on those crave-able flavors:


  • Search store locator for closest of 500+ locations
  • Order ahead online for pickup
  • Most stores open Monday – Saturday

Order Delivery

  • Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash (fees apply)
  • $10 min, varies by location

Nationwide Shipping

  • Send Crumbl cookie gifts anywhere in the US
  • 2-3 day delivery for individual boxes
  • Caters corporate events too!

Subscription Box

  • Surprise monthly cookie boxes
  • Ships free to US addresses
  • $32/month

Thanks to convenient online ordering for delivery or monthly subscription boxes, even customers not located near one of their 500+ bakeries can enjoy fresh Crumbl Cookies.

Get the Best Deal on Crumbl Cookies

While Crumbl Cookies is certainly a premium-priced brand, loyal fans have found ways to enjoy their favorites while easing the hit to their wallet. From daily discounts to loyalty perks, here are some of the best ways to save:

  • 💵 Email club – $2 off $10+ coupons for subscribers.
  • 💵 Student & teacher discount – 10% off with valid school ID.
  • 💵 Healthcare worker discount – 25% off orders.
  • 💵 Buy in bulk – dollar per cookie drops significantly when buying 6, 12 or 24 pack boxes.
  • 💵 Order for pick-up – avoid delivery markups by grabbing directly from your local Crumbl.
  • 💵 Download app – access to exclusive mobile offers, freebie rewards.

Crumbl certainly offers plenty of incentives, perks, and bulk pricing to help curb costs for devoted fans. Taking advantage of loyalty programs and bulk buys helps balance out some of their incredibly delicious specialty offerings.

FAQs on Crumbl Cookie Prices:

Still, have some unanswered questions about Crumbl Cookies before taking the plunge? Here’s the lowdown on some common FAQs:

  • What are the 3 C’s that make Crumbl special?

Crumbl’s craftsmanship, creativity, and community set them apart from the competition. Every cookie is handmade with quality ingredients, exciting weekly flavors fuel loyal fans, and their friendly atmosphere keeps guests coming back.

  • How unhealthy are Crumbl Cookies?

While amazingly delicious, Crumbl Cookies are quite indulgent, with individual cookies ranging from 200-450 calories. As an occasional treat, they hit the sweet spot both in flavor and guilty pleasure. But those craving a daily dose may prefer slightly healthier cookies.

  • What is Crumbl’s #1 best selling cookie?

Drumroll…Crumbl’s signature Milk Chocolate Chip still reigns supreme as their hottest seller. Customers can’t resist the generous chocolate chunks, buttery dough, and dose of nostalgia.

  • Why are their boxes pink?

Good question! Crumbl’s iconic pink boxes help make their packaging instantly recognizable while playfully nodding to classic bakery box colors. The pink also evokes a feminine, sweet vibe perfect for their cookie brand.

The Verdict: Are Crumbl Cookies Worth The Price?

Given the quality ingredients, temptation of limited edition flavors, and exceptional packaging, most Crumbl devotees wholeheartedly agree their cookies warrant the premium pricing.


While not necessarily an economical choice, fans view them as an affordable luxury that sparks joy.

Ultimately, $4 feels like a fair per cookie price to experience Crumbl’s unique flavor innovation and recipe refinement.

For gourmet cookie connoisseurs, Crumbl delivers an exceptional product worthy of occasional indulging or gifting to someone special.

Just beware – their weekly rotating menus might turn you into a Crumbl super-fan too! Now who’s up for splitting a 6-pack? 🍪


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