How Much is Dave and Busters Per Person?


Looking to enjoy an evening out at popular arcade entertainment center Dave & Busters, but wondering what it will cost you?


With hundreds of the latest high-tech arcade and redemption games, virtual reality experiences, sports bar-style dining, bowling alleys, bars, billiards, live events, and more all under one roof – it’s easy to see how a visit to D&B can quickly add up in cost.

In this blog post, we will explore everything that goes into the cost per person to enjoy all that Dave & Busters has to offer.

Whether you’re planning a family night out with kids, a fun date night, or hanging with friends for food, drinks, and gaming – you likely want to have a budget in mind so you don’t overspend.


From gameplay costs to dining to Power Card requirements – we will break it all down so you know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing.

How Much is Dave and Busters Per Person

How Much is Dave and Busters Per Person


That way you can plan and budget accordingly ahead of your visit to this popular restaurant and entertainment destination.

We’ll outline tips and tricks to maximize your fun while minimizing costs as well.


So read on to get the complete cost overview so your wallet won’t be caught off guard!

How Much Does Dave and Busters Cost?

The average cost per person for a visit to Dave & Busters is $50 to $100, depending on what you want to take part in. This spending can add up fast between playing games, eating meals or snacks, and having drinks.

Here’s a breakdown of typical costs to expect:

  • Food & Drinks: $12 to $25 per person
  • Playing Games: $20 to $50+ per person
  • Power Card: $2 per card
  • Other Activities: Up to $10/hour per activity

So for a group of 4 spending a few hours at Dave & Busters with a meal and plenty of gameplay, expect to budget around $200 to $400 total.


Now let’s explore the details of how much is Dave and Busters.

How Much Are Games At Dave and Busters?

Let’s explore, how much do games cost at dave and busters and more:

  • All games require the use of a Power Card, which costs $2. This includes 10 digital chips to play games.
  • Most games cost between 2 to 10 chips per play.
  • Popular games like virtual reality, racing games, and ticket redemption games tend to be on the more expensive end.
  • You can easily spend $20 to $50 per person depending on how many games you play.
  • Unlimited video game play is offered on Thursdays for $19.99 dave and busters cost per game.

We hope, now you are aware of how much does it cost to play games at dave and busters.

Here is a breakdown of common per-play game costs at Dave & Busters:

Game Type Cost Per Play
Virtual Reality Games $8-$10
Racing Games $4-$8
Carnival/Ticket Games $2-$5
Sports Games $4-$5
Classic Arcade $2-$4

As you can see, costs per play can vary widely, but plan on budgeting $20+ per person for a full evening of gaming entertainment.

What Are the Extra Costs at Dave & Busters?

Beyond playing arcade games, here are some other extra activities and their costs when visiting a D&B location:

  • Billiards: $10 per hour
  • Shuffleboard: $5 per 30 minutes
  • AXE Throwing: $5 for 5 throws
  • Power Card: $2 per card
  • Parking: Free to $10 depending on location

You can easily spend $10 to $20 per person partaking in these extra non-gaming activities throughout a visit in addition to any other spending.

What You Should Know Before Going to Dave & Busters?

Here are some key things to know before your Dave & Busters visit:

  • A Power Card is required to play any games or activate most activities and can be purchased for $2.
  • Those under age 18 must leave by 10 pm unless dining. They also require an accompanying adult over 25.
  • There is a dress code prohibiting torn/dirty clothing, offensive language/imagery, etc.
  • The D&B mobile app allows you to pay and manage your Power Card from your phone.
  • Thursday is unlimited video game play from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm for $19.99 per person.
  • Buying food Eat & Play Combo meals include bonus chips/credits.

Does Dave & Busters Offer Unlimited Play?

  • Yes, Dave & Busters offers unlimited video gameplay every Thursday from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm for only $19.99 per person.
  • This special is valid at most locations and gets you unlimited access to play video games for that 3-hour window without any per-play costs.
  • This deal does not include redemption/ticket games or activities like billiards.
  • But it’s still an excellent value if you want a few hours of unlimited video gameplay.

Can You Win Cash Prizes at Dave & Busters?

  • Dave & Buster’s has moved away from traditional arcade games to redemption/ticket games where you earn tickets based on your gameplay performance.
  • You then redeem collected tickets at the Winner’s Circle for a variety of prizes.
  • Prizes include electronics, toys, and household items, and some locations even offer gift cards or Visa reward cards for redeeming tickets.
  • So while you won’t walk away with cash unless you earn a gift card prize, you can redeem tickets for real tangible rewards.

Does Dave & Busters Have a Dress Code?

Yes, Dave & Buster’s locations enforce the following dress code:

  • No torn, soiled, or dirty clothing.
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • No offensive or insensitive language/imagery on clothing or visible tattoos.
  • Chains and spiked jewelry are prohibited.

This dress code maintains a family-friendly environment. Management can deny entry to those dressed inappropriately. So review these guidelines before visiting.

Can You Use Your Phone at Dave & Busters?

Dave & Busters has a free mobile app that lets you conveniently manage your Power Card and pay from your smartphone. Key features include:

  • Store your D&B Power Card in the app.
  • Check your Power Card chip balance.
  • Securely reload chips using Apple Pay or credit/debit cards.
  • Pay for D&B activities by tapping your phone.
  • Locate D&B sites and view hours and amenities.
  • Track gameplay history and tickets won.

Using the D&B app allows for quick, contactless payments from your phone when playing games, reloading your card, and more.


What is the Purpose of Arcade Tickets?

The tickets earned from redemption games at places like Dave & Busters serve several purposes:

  • Reward players for their skill – more tickets for better performance.
  • Entice players to keep playing to earn more tickets and bigger/better prizes.
  • Allow players to redeem tickets for fun prizes at the Winner’s Circle.
  • Appeal to players’ natural desire to collect things and be rewarded.
  • Drive more revenue for the arcade/entertainment venue.

This ticket redemption model has proven successful for Dave & Busters in getting players to actively engage in playing a wide variety of games with tickets as the motivator.

How Can You Save Money at Dave & Busters?

Here are 8 tips to spend less money during your Dave & Busters visit:

  • Take advantage of unlimited video games on Thursdays – $19.99/person.
  • Buy D&B discounted gift cards online (,, etc.).
  • Check Groupon for Dave & Busters coupons and deals.
  • Sign up for the free D&B Rewards program to earn rewards.
  • Purchase chips in bulk quantities to save per chip.
  • Play during 1/2 price game play Happy Hour (times vary per location).
  • Order Eat & Play Combos to score bonus gameplay chips.
  • Limit or avoid spending on alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dave & Busters:

Here are answers to 10 common FAQs about Dave & Busters:

  • Q: Is there an age limit at Dave & Buster’s?

A: All ages are welcome, but those under 18 must leave by 10 pm unless dining with an adult.

  • Q: Can I host a party or event at Dave & Busters?

A: Yes! Dave & Busters offers event hosting and catering for parties big and small.

  • Q: Does Dave & Busters serve alcohol?

A: Yes, there’s a full bar and restaurant at every Dave & Busters location.

  • Q: How much do drinks cost at Dave & Busters?

A: Alcoholic beverages range from $5 to $15 each depending on what you order.

  • Q: Do I need Dave & Busters tickets to play games?

A: No. Tickets are only earned from redemption games. All other games require purchased chips loaded onto your Power Card.

  • Q: How much do Power Cards cost?

A: A D&B Power Card costs $2, with 10 bonus chips included. This card is reloadable with additional chips.

  • Q: What food does Dave & Busters serve?

A: They offer a full menu of appetizers, burgers, salads, pizza, pasta, and classic American cuisine.

  • Q: Is parking free at Dave & Busters?

A: Parking availability and fees vary by location. Some have free lots while others charge up to $10 for parking.

  • Q: Is Dave & Busters fun for kids?

A: Yes! With hundreds of arcade games, redemption prizes, fun foods, and more – kids love Dave & Busters.

  • Q: Is Dave & Busters expensive?

A: Visits can get expensive with high per-game costs, but by using tips in this article you can save money. Offers like Unlimited Thursday make it very affordable.

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A visit to the popular arcade and entertainment restaurant chain Dave & Busters can be lots of fun, but also expensive if you don’t budget wisely.

By following the tips and info in this guide on “how much does dave and busters cost per person”, you’ll know exactly what costs to expect for food, drinks, games, activities, and more per person.

Armed with the average dave and busters cost per person estimates and ways to save, you can better plan and manage your spending for an enjoyable visit full of games, prizes, and good eats, without draining your wallet.

Focusing on deals like unlimited video game play on Thursdays, discounted gift cards, rewards programs, and bulk chip purchases can help minimize the dent in your budget.


So get ready for a thrilling time playing D&B’s huge arsenal of the latest arcade games, with your costs kept clearly in check.

We hope, now you know how much is dave and buster’s per person and how much money you must spend at dave and busters.

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