Club Pilates Membership Cost 2024


Have you ever considered trying Pilates but felt intimidated by the costs of boutique studio memberships? As the nationwide leader in repertoire-based Pilates training, Club Pilates provides an inviting and affordable entry point for Pilates beginners while also meeting the needs of seasoned practitioners.


With over 600 welcoming locations spanning the country, Club Pilates has become a go-to fitness destination for over a million people seeking to benefit from the incredible effects of regular Pilates. From increased flexibility to improved posture, and strength building to stress relief, Pilates packs an astonishing list of whole-body perks into just 50-60 minutes of targeted, multi-dimensional movement.

Yet enjoying these feel-good benefits hinges heavily on finding the right studio fit paired with reasonable pricing. That’s why this guide will reveal everything you need about Club Pilates costs – from single session drop-in fees up to unlimited memberships – so you can determine if this renowned Pilates player presents good value aligned with your budget.

We’ll outline all the pricing tiers, class types, membership levels, and potential discounts available at Club Pilates for the year 2024 so you can make an informed decision. Ready to discover if Club Pilates offers accessible Pilates without the typical luxury studio price tag? Read on for the full cost breakdown!


Club Pilates Membership Cost 2024

Club Pilates Membership Cost



Throughout the article, important points are highlighted in bold, and key terms are italicized for easier skimming. Tables, bullet points, and subheadings also help break up information.

The goal is to provide a detailed yet easy-to-digest guide to Club Pilates pricing so you can determine if it fits your budget and fitness needs.

Club Pilates Prices 2024

Club Pilates offers various pricing options depending on factors like location, membership type, class packages, and promotional offers. Prices can range from:

  • $30 to $35 per drop-in class
  • $100 to $300+ per month for memberships
  • $84 to $219+ for class packages

Below we break down the specific costs associated with each Club Pilates pricing option.

A Single Class Pricing at Club Pilates

If you want to try Club Pilates before committing, you can pay a drop-in fee to attend a single class:

  • Drop-in classes cost ~$30 to $35 per session
  • Price varies by location

Many studios offer new students a free first class.

After your first free or discounted drop-in session, subsequent single classes are typically priced between $30 to $35 each. Contact your local studio for exact rates.


Club Pilates Membership Cost

For regular Club Pilates participants, monthly memberships often provide the best value:

Membership Type Average Monthly Cost
Basic (4-8 classes/month) $100-$200
Unlimited $150-$250
Elite $200-$300
Premier $250-$350
  • Cost varies based on factors like location and specific perks
  • Unlimited access starts from ~$150/month
  • Higher-tier memberships add perks for ~$200 to $350/month

All Monthly Club Pilates Memberships Types Cost

Club Pilates has four main monthly membership tiers. Here’s an overview:

Basic Membership

  • Includes 4-8 classes per month
  • Costs ~$100 to $200 per month
  • Gives access to regular group classes

The basic membership includes a set number of classes each month, typically between 4 to 8 sessions. It offers a more affordable option for people aiming for 1-2 Club Pilates classes per week.

Unlimited Membership

  • No limits on the number of monthly classes
  • Priced from ~$150 to $250 per month
  • Lets you attend unlimited group classes

The unlimited membership grants you access to as many Club Pilates classes as you wish each month. This option is ideal for people who plan to visit the studio multiple times per week. Pricing starts around $150 and can go up to $250 per month depending on location.


Elite Membership

  • Premium tier membership
  • Monthly fee of ~$200 to $300 on average
  • Offers additional perks like priority booking and retail discounts

For an additional monthly fee of around $200-$300, the elite membership offers a premium-tier experience with VIP perks like:

  • Priority access to newly opened classes
  • Exclusive member-only events
  • Discounts on retail purchases

Premier Membership

  • Highest membership tier
  • Monthly cost around $250-$350
  • Extra perks like specialty class access and priority waitlists

The premier membership is Club Pilates’ top membership tier. For a monthly fee averaging $250-$350, premier members unlock extra privileges, like:

  • Access to specialty class types
  • Priority placement on waitlists
  • Free late cancellations
  • Additional retail discounts

So in summary, monthly pricing at Club Pilates ranges from an affordable $100 to $200 for basic access up to $350 per month for VIP-style treatment and unlimited classes.

Prices for Club Pilates Class Packages

In addition to monthly memberships, most Club Pilates locations offer discounted class packages:

Class Package # of Classes Average Cost
4-Class Pack 4 classes $84
8-Class Pack 8 classes $149
10-Class Pack 10 classes $219
  • Packages let you prepay for classes at a lower per-class rate
  • Unused classes expire after a set validity period
  • All-Access pass offers monthly unlimited classes for $199

Class packages allow you to purchase classes in bulk at a discount compared to drop-in rates. Validity windows range from 2 months to 6 months – make sure to check expiration policies before purchasing.

An All-Access membership pass can also be purchased for $199/month for unlimited classes at any nationwide location.

Club Pilates Prices List 2024

This pricing list summarizes costs for key Club Pilates membership options:

Item Price
Single Class (Drop-in) Starts from $30.00
All Access Monthly Membership Fee: Basic Starts from $100.00
All Access Monthly Membership Fee: Unlimited Starts from $150.00
All Access Monthly Membership Fee: Elite Starts from $200.00
All Access Monthly Membership Fee: Premier Starts from $250.00
Class Packages: 4-Class Pack Starts from $84.00
Class Packages: 8-Class Pack Starts from $149.00
Class Packages: 10-Class Pack Starts from $219.00
All-Access Pass Starts from $199.00
  • Drop-in classes start at $30 per session
  • Monthly memberships range from $100 to $350
  • Discounted class packages from $84 to $219

Remember that exact Club Pilates prices vary by location. Contact your studio for details.


Prices for All Club Pilates Class Types

Club Pilates offers diverse class types for all fitness levels and goals. Standard single class pricing starts around $30, with members receiving discounted rates.

Common Club Pilates class formats include:

  • Club Pilates Classic: Foundational class building core strength and flexibility using Pilates movements and equipment.
  • Cardio Sculpt: Fuses Pilates and cardio for an aerobic, calorie-burning workout.
  • Barre Fusion: Blends Pilates with ballet-style movements and resistance training to sculpt the body.
  • Stretching and Flexibility: Focuses on enhancing range of motion through stretching exercises.
  • TRX Suspension Training: Uses TRX straps hanging from the ceiling to challenge balance and stability.
  • Strength Training: Tones key muscle groups using bands, weights, and bodyweight exercises.
  • Prop-based Classes: Incorporates equipment like resistance bands, foam rollers, stability balls, and magic circles for added challenge and variety.
  • Specialized Workouts: Some locations offer tailored classes like Prenatal Pilates, Pilates for Seniors, or Pilates for Athletes.

Class availability varies – contact your local studio for schedule details.

Club Pilates Deals and Discounts

Club Pilates offers exclusive membership rate discounts to select groups, including:

  • 10% off Unlimited Memberships for teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, and military through the American Hero Program.
  • Senior discounts for those aged 60 and older. Amount varies.
  • Student discounts for current students. Percentage discount depends on location.

*Availability, amounts, and eligibility criteria for Club Pilates discounts vary. Contact your studio for specifics on rates and policies in your area.

Taking advantage of special deals makes the unlimited membership available for around $135 per month for eligible students, seniors, first responders, and more!

Prices for Club Pilates Location Near Me

With over 600 locations spanning the United States, Club Pilates makes boutique Pilates training accessible at national fitness chain prices.

To find specific pricing details for Club Pilates studios in your area:

  • Visit the Club Pilates website to enter your zip code and view nearby studios
  • Call or stop into your local branch to get accurate pricing for memberships, packages, and drop-ins
  • Check the Club Pilates mobile app to see real-time rates by area

In general, expect to spend around $30 to $35 per single class, or $100 to $250 monthly for a basic membership. Bulk class packages offer even more value.

FAQs on Club Pilates Membership Cost:

Get answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Club Pilates pricing below.

  • 1. Does Club Pilates offer any free classes?

Many Club Pilates locations offer new students one free intro or trial class so you can test it out before paying drop-in fees. After the first free session, single classes cost around $30-$35 each.

  • 2. Can I take classes at any location with my Club Pilates membership?

Basic studio memberships allow classes at your “home” branch only. But upgraded All-Access memberships let you take classes at any nationwide Club Pilates studio.

  • 3. What happens after I use up my class package?

Once all sessions in your class package are used, you would then need to purchase additional classes or switch to a monthly membership to keep attending.

  • 4. When do Club Pilates memberships renew?

Monthly Club Pilates memberships auto-renew on the same day each month. You need to provide written notice, typically 5-30 days in advance, to cancel.

  • 5. Can I share my Club Pilates membership with a friend?

No, Club Pilates memberships are non-transferable. Only the registered member can book classes and access member benefits.

  • 6. Are there initiation or signup fees?

Club Pilates does not charge initiation fees or signup fees when you purchase a membership. You only pay the advertised monthly or per-class rate.

  • 7. Do classes cost extra with the unlimited membership?

No, all group classes are included in unlimited memberships, with no per-class fees. Special workshops or private sessions may incur added charges.

  • 8. Can I pause my Club Pilates membership for a month?

You may be able to freeze your membership for certain reasons by providing written notice in advance, such as for medical reasons or extended travel. Fees may apply. Check your contract.

  • 9. Is Club Pilates more expensive than other Pilates studios?

Club Pilates pricing is very competitive, with industry-standard single-class drop-in fees averaging $30-$35 per session. Membership rates and packages are also in line with independent Pilates studio costs.

  • 10. How often do Club Pilates offer sales on memberships?

Special discounts and reduced signup rates for Club Pilates memberships are available a few times per year, especially around the holidays and New Year when people have fitness goals. The best way to find out about upcoming promotions is to join the email list for your local branch.


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With over 600 locations nationwide, Club Pilates delivers flexibility and affordability for people seeking boutique, full-service Pilates training. Pricing is in line with competing Pilates chains and independent studios.

Single drop-in classes start as low as $30 each, with even greater savings available through bulk class packages and monthly memberships averaging just $100-$300. Additional perks also come with upgraded membership tiers.

Club Pilates offers deals to make memberships more accessible for seniors, students, teachers, and American heroes saving on unlimited classes.

Overall, Club Pilates mixes national-chain convenience with customizable Pilates for any need or budget – an appealing balance for people prioritizing studio experience without ultra-high price tags found at some luxury boutique studios.


Hopefully, this complete overview gives you the information needed to confidently assess if Club Pilates aligns with your budget and interests. Check their website for current pricing at studios near your location.

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