LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost & Prices List 2024


Hey there fitness fans! If you’ve been searching for a top-tier gym home where you can thrive in mind, body, and spirit, it’s time to introduce yourself to LifeTime Fitness.


With over 150 premium locations across the country featuring unparalleled amenities, LifeTime aims to help you reach your peak vitality with diverse workout spaces, motivating group classes, luxury locker rooms, and more.

I’ll give you the inside scoop on LifeTime’s membership fee structure for 2024 so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise.

Whether you opt for their recurring monthly memberships or sala-carte day passes, LifeTime offers flexible and affordable access to the most dynamic fitness environments around. Read on for key pricing details so you can score the ideal LifeTime tier to match your 2024 fitness journey!


LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost 2024

LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost


An Inside Look At Lifetime Fitness


Founded in 1992 by CEO Bahram Akradi, Lifetime Fitness has blossomed into a leading health club chain anchored in excellence. They are currently owned by renowned investment firms Leonard Green & Partners and TPG Capital.


Far beyond a standard gym, each Lifetime Fitness center provides:

  • Expansive workout spaces
  • Multi-sport recreation areas
  • Luxurious locker rooms
  • Inviting social lounges

You’ll find top-notch amenities like:

  • Pools
  • Indoor/outdoor tennis
  • Basketball courts
  • Indoor running tracks
  • Group fitness studios
  • Full-service spas
  • Salon services
  • And more!

It’s a comprehensive approach focused on the overall well-being of body, mind, and spirit.


With engaging blogs and workshops centered on holistic health, Lifetime Fitness fosters community and supports members in living their best lives.

Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost 2024

Lifetime Fitness offers various membership tiers to meet diverse needs and budgets. Pricing is influenced by location, membership type, club access, and additional perks.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:


Membership Types

  • Individual – For solo gym-goers
  • Couple – For two (married spouses or domestic partners)
  • Family – For families of up to 4 members

Club Access

  • Single Club – Access to one Lifetime Fitness location
  • Multi Club – Access to any Lifetime Fitness nationwide

Membership Duration

  • Monthly – Ongoing month-to-month basis
  • 1 Year Paid In Full – Single annual payment

Average Costs of LifeTime Fitness Membership:

Membership Monthly Fee
Individual (Single Club) $72+
Individual (Multi Club) $79+
Couple (Single Club) $122+
Couple (Multi Club) $129+
Family (Single Club) $142+
Family (Multi Club) $149+

Additional one-time enrollment fees may apply.

Student, military, senior, and corporate memberships are also available at select locations. Reach out to your local Lifetime Fitness for pricing details.

Flexible Single Visit Options

If a full gym membership isn’t the right fit, Lifetime Fitness offers flexible “a la carte” access through day passes and guest passes.

Day Passes

What: Single day access to one club
Cost: $10 – $50
Best for: Occasional visits


Guest Passes

What: Single day access to one club as a member’s guest
Cost: Varies, similar to a day pass
Best for: Trying Lifetime with a member friend

Single visit passes offer a great way to check out the amazing amenities before committing to a full membership!

Additional Pricing For Premium Services

Alongside gym access, Lifetime Fitness offers specialized health and wellness services for an extra fee. Pricing is influenced by location, trainers’ experience levels, and other variables.

Top Services & Average Pricing:

  • Personal Training – $60-$100 per session
  • Private Pilates – $60-$100 per session
  • Massage Therapy – $60-$100 per service
  • Nutrition Counseling – $50-$150 per session
  • Salon & Spa – $10+ per service
  • Swim Lessons – Packages from $60+
  • Sports Leagues & Camps – Varies by program

And more – visit your local Lifetime Fitness for full service menus and pricing details.


Lifetime Fitness vs. Other Leading Gym Chains

Wondering how Lifetime Fitness compares to top national gym chains?

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox: Equinox offers a more luxurious, upscale environment on par with high-end health clubs. Expect to pay significantly more than even the highest Lifetime Fitness tiers.
  • Lifetime Fitness vs. LA Fitness: LA Fitness provides no-frills gym access at a lower price point than Lifetime. Great for budget-focused fitness fans.
  • Lifetime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: With ultra-low membership fees, Planet Fitness caters to casual gym-goers. Not as many perks as Lifetime, but very wallet-friendly.
  • Lifetime Fitness vs. YMCA: The YMCA focuses more on community health and youth programs. Gym access and classes tend to be more affordable than Lifetime.
  • Lifetime Fitness vs. Anytime Fitness: Anytime Fitness offers flexible 24/7 gym access. Facilities tend to be much more compact than the roomy Lifetime Fitness health clubs.
  • Lifetime Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness: Similar to Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness offers gym access day and night. Some locations rival Lifetime Fitness in size. Membership fees can be on par for basic access.

Ultimately Lifetime Fitness provides exceptional facilities and amenities for intermediate pricing compared to competitors. Day passes allow you to experience their gyms first-hand to see if the value aligns with your fitness needs and budget!

Can You Negotiate Membership Rates?

With some strategic negotiating, you may be able to secure Lifetime Fitness discounts! Timing your discussion around a special promotion or sale event can increase your chances for success. Expressing genuine enthusiasm along with cost concerns is key. At minimum, see if they can throw in guesses passes or extra services like personal training sessions to sweeten the deal!


Apple Fitness Free For Lifetime Members

Exciting news for Apple lovers – Lifetime Fitness now offers free access to Apple Fitness+ to all members! That’s a $79/year value unlocked at no extra charge. Just link your Lifetime membership to enjoy unlimited access to Apple’s coveted library of online workout classes.

Unlocking The Highest Membership Tier

Ready to go all-in with premium access? Lifetime Fitness’ highest membership tier grants unlimited nationwide access to all locations, plus maximum amenities and perks.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Entry to over 150 Lifetime Fitness clubs
  • Access to newest locations as they open
  • Full use of amenities like lap pools, group fitness studios, luxury spas, and more at all clubs
  • Discounted pricing on services like massage, personal training, swim lessons, etc.
  • Special Gold member-only perks like priority access, free guest passes, and exclusive events

This tier starts at $79/month for individuals or $129/month for couples under Lifetime’s recurring monthly membership rates. Well worth it for frequent gym-goers who want total flexibility and VIP treatment!


Diverse Workout Options

From Olympic-sized pools to innovative group fitness studios, each Lifetime Fitness health club offers cutting-edge spaces to strengthen your body and focus your mind.

Range Of Cardio & Strength Options

The expansive gym floors provide plenty of top-quality equipment for all levels:

  • Cardio machines – Treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers and more
  • Strength stations – Dumbbells, barbells, weight machines, kettlebells, resistance bands, and other gear
  • Specialized equipment – Items like Jacobs ladders, versa climbers, battling ropes, and heavy bags
  • Functional zones – Sandbags, slam balls, plyo boxes, sleds, and tires for intense full-body training

Alongside traditional equipment, many locations also boast state-of-the-art amenities like indoor tracks, rock climbing walls, and lap pools.

Group Fitness For All Interests

With up to 200 free group fitness classes offered weekly across locations, you’ll find engaging sessions spanning:

  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Dance
  • Cycling & Rowing
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Martial Arts
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Barre & Stretching
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • And more!

Sessions range from beginner-friendly movements to advanced athletic conditioning.

Personalized Program Options

For fully customized workouts, Lifetime Fitness offers personal training and specialized small-group programs (for an additional fee):

  • One-on-one Training – Individualized sessions with a personal trainer to achieve your unique fitness goals. Usually sold in 6 or 12-session packs.
  • Private Team Training – Train with a group of friends or colleagues and save compared to individual training rates.
  • Specialized Small-Group Fitness – Programs like youth fitness, pre/postnatal exercise, Pilates apparatus training, swim conditioning, triathlon training, and more. Offered based on local instructor availability.

With so many amenities, equipment options, and classes on the schedule, you’re sure to find engaging Lifetime Fitness workouts to suit your preferences!

Full-Service Health & Wellness Offerings

Beyond traditional gym facilities, Lifetime Fitness locations provide specialized health and wellbeing services for a comprehensive approach to whole-person vitality.


Discover Wellness Offerings Like:

  • Full-service salons
  • Luxury spas
  • Physical therapy & sports medicine
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Weight management resources
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Youth programming
  • And more!

Pricing is tailored to specific services provided. On average most health services fall between $50-$150 per session based on duration and practitioner expertise. Salon services like haircuts or manicures start around $10+ per service.

Through diverse amenities, community events, and specialized wellness services, Lifetime Fitness fuels an environment to thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

Find A Lifetime Fitness Club Near You

With over 150 health clubs nationwide and new locations opening yearly, Lifetime Fitness aims to provide convenient access coast-to-coast.


Use their gym locator tool to find clubs in your state. Then stop by for a tour and get started on your unique Lifetime fitness journey!

Day passes offer a flexible way to experience their premier workout spaces and amenities before purchasing a full membership.

Lifetime Fitness also offers digital Workout Videos for at-home training if you live far from their physical clubs. These videos provide world-class training at your fingertips for one flat monthly rate.

Start Your Lifetime Fitness Membership Today!

Hopefully, this overview gives you a transparent inside look at the LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost, amenities, and offerings at Lifetime Fitness.


With monthly rates starting around $72, flexible day passes from $10, plus specialty health services, Lifetime caters to all budgets and fitness needs.

Their state-of-the-art clubs, motivating group environment, and supportive community create an uplifting space to become your healthiest, most energized self!

Ready your workout gear and schedule a Lifetime Fitness tour now at a location near you!

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