How Much Does Office Depot Charge to Print Per Page?


Printing documents, photos, and other materials at Office Depot can be a convenient and affordable option whether you need a few copies or large print jobs.


As with any print service, the costs vary considerably based on the specifics of your order. Understanding these factors can help you estimate pricing and budget for printing projects with Office Depot.

How Much Does Office Depot Charge to Print Per Page?

How Much Does Office Depot Charge to Print Per Page


Office Depot Print and Copy Services Overview

Office Depot offers a full range of print and copy services both in-store and online. Standard sizes and common options are readily available for walk-in service.


More specialized or high-volume jobs may require advance ordering online or consultation with store print specialists.

In-Store Print and Copy Services

Office Depot stores have self-serve and full-service print and copy stations. Both options allow you to print documents from digital files or make copies of hard-copy originals.

Available services include:

  • Black and white or color copies
  • Single-sided or double-sided pages
  • Collating, stapling, hole punching
  • Binding with tape, coil, comb, Velo bind
  • Cutting and folding
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Signage and posters up to 3 feet wide

Online Print Services

The Office Depot website allows you to upload files and order a wider variety of print jobs including:

  • Documents, brochures, manuals
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Custom branded materials
  • Photo prints, cards, books
  • 3D printing

Turnaround times range from same-day pickup in-store to 10 business days for delivery by mail. Rush delivery options are available for an additional fee on some items.

Factors Affecting Office Depot Printing Costs

Prices for Office Depot print jobs depend on several factors including service options, volume, and materials.

The primary factors that determine the pricing are:

  • Print Service Type – Self-serve copies, full-serve copies, online print orders
  • Color vs Black and White – Color costs more than black and white
  • Ink vs Toner – Inkjet prints tend to cost less than laser toner prints
  • Paper Size – Price per print increases with larger paper sizes
  • Paper Type – Specialty paper is more costly than basic 20lb copy paper
  • Print Volume – Per print costs decrease as volume increases
  • Binding and Finishing – Options like comb binding, and lamination increase job costs
  • Turnaround Time – Rush and same-day services have premium fees

Comparing prices and options between self-serve, full-service, and online orders can help identify the most economical sources for each specific job.


Office Depot Printing Cost Per Page Black and White

To give you a better idea of actual Office Depot print pricing, here are some typical per-print costs:

Black and White Copy Prices

  • 8.5 x 11 inches – $0.08 (self-serve) to $0.59 (full-serve)
  • 11 x 17 inches- $0.39 (self-serve) to $0.99 (full-serve)
  • 22 x 34 inches – $3.49+ (full serve only)

Color Copy Prices

  • 8.5 x 11 inches – $0.59 (self-serve) to $0.99 (full-serve)
  • 11 x 17 inches – $1.99+ (full serve only)
  • 22 x 34 inches – $5.99+ (full serve only)

Photo Print Prices

  • 4 x 6 inches – $0.47 (same day), $0.29 (next day)
  • 5 x 7 inches – $1.99
  • 8 x 10 inches – $4.99
  • 11 x 14 inches – from $9.99
  • 16 x 20 inches – from $19.99

These prices can go up or down slightly based on current sales and specials at each store location.

Comparing Office Depot Print Costs

Office Depot’s print prices are very competitive with big box stores and pharmacy chains. When comparing Office Depot to printing industry leaders like FedEx Office and The UPS Store, OD tends to be a bit more affordable on basic print jobs.

Here’s a comparison of standard black-and-white and color copy prices across retailers:

Retailer Black & White Color
Office Depot $0.08-$0.59 $0.59-$0.99
Staples $0.15-$0.49 $0.99-$1.79
FedEx Office $0.19-$0.89 $0.99-$1.79
UPS Store $0.14-$0.89 $0.99-$1.99

However, FedEx Office and UPS Stores may have better rates on extremely large format banner-style inkjet printing that exceeds the maximum 3-foot width Office Depot offers in-store.

The online custom printing services from Office Depot Print and Printer’s pricing is also very competitive:

  • 500 color flyers cost approximately $53 with Office Depot Print compared to $70 at VistaPrint
  • 250 basic business cards run about $15 with Office Depot versus $23 at VistaPrint and $31 at FedEx Office

When you factor in the convenience and availability of coupons and specials, Office Depot delivers plenty of value on everyday printing needs for most customers.

Getting the Best Price on Office Depot Printing

To get the lowest price possible for print jobs at Office Depot, consider these tips:

  • Choose self-serve rather than full-serve for standard copies
  • Print multiple pages per sheet then cut them apart
  • Print double-sided whenever practical
  • Buy Office Depot brand multi-use paper instead of single reams
  • Order larger quantities for bulk discounts
  • Send files online for production discounts
  • Check for weekly sales and coupons before ordering
  • Enroll in the free MyOfficeDepot customer program for discounts
  • Pay with the Office Depot credit card for 5% rewards on all purchases

Office Depot Photo Printing Costs

In addition to document copying, Office Depot stores can print digital photographs at affordable rates. You can upload files online to have prints shipped to your home or place orders at the Photo & Print Center kiosk for same day in-store pickup.

Standard photo print sizes and prices at Office Depot include:

  • 4 x 6 – from $0.29
  • 5 x 7 – from $1.99
  • 8 x 10 – from $4.99
  • 11 x 14 – from $9.99
  • 16 x 20 – from $19.99

Prints are available for same day pickup on matte, glossy, and satin photo paper. Canvas gallery wraps, acrylic, metal, and wood prints can be ordered in custom sizes. But those specialty substrate prints have longer production times with pricing starting around $50 plus custom framing costs.

Compared to big box stores, drugstores, and wholesale labs, Office Depot standard photo print pricing is very competitive. The Office Depot Photo app and website also frequently offer great coupons and seasonal promotions, sometimes as high as 60% off photo gifts and wall art.


Ways to Save on Photo Printing

  1. Download and use the Office Depot app for mobile photo orders
  2. Sign up for email and text alerts – coupons are sent out often
  3. Take advantage of weekly sales and seasonal specials
  4. Order larger quantities for bulk print discounts
  5. Redeem your MyOfficeDepot rewards points for extra savings
  6. Pay with an Office Depot, OfficeMax, or MaxPerks credit card for additional storewide rewards

Printing Photos at Home vs. In Store Printing

Thanks to affordable photo printers and high-capacity inkjet cartridges, printing out snapshots at home keeps getting more practical and budget-friendly. However, when you factor in supplies and equipment costs combined with potential print quality limitations, Office Depot photo printing still delivers advantages.

Cost of Photo Printing Supplies

  • Home photo printer – $80 to $400+
  • Replacement cartridges – $30 to $50 for black, $15 to $35 per color
  • Photo paper – $12+ per 100 sheets
  • Printer lifespan – 3 to 5 years on average before replacement needed

So with the added initial costs and continual supplies expenses, producing prints at home makes the most sense if your volume exceeds around 800 photos per year. Below that threshold, you are likely better off taking the prints-on-demand approach with retailers like Office Depot.

Quality Comparisons

In addition to cost savings, Office Depot’s digital photo printing process delivers extremely high-quality results that meet or exceed what most mainstream consumer printers can output. Modern thermal printing technology ensures bright colors with deep blacks free of grain and banding. By using dedicated photo paper instead of plain multipurpose stock, the prints take on an almost luminous quality.

So if showcasing your images is a high priority, Office Depot store kiosks can provide better quality than home printers. Consider the retail photofinishing for any images you want to display and preserve as decorative prints. Then use your printer for functional snapshots to share inexpensively with a lesser need for longevity.


Convenience and Turnaround Time

Ordering digital photo prints for store pickup at Office Depot also brings unmatched convenience. Within an hour or two you can walk out with high-quality prints without even changing out of your pajamas. Compare that to the process of selecting images on your PC, tweaking print settings, loading the printer, and then waiting for the output.

Eliminating the hands-on print production gives back freedom and flexibility that improves quality of life. So consider time savings as an added value to Office Depot storefront printing services.

Six Ways to Save on Printing at Office Depot

Printing papers, photos, posters, and projects at Office Depot is already thousands of times more cost-effective than setting up your print shop at home. But you can cut document copying and photo print costs even further with these money-saving tips:

1. Choose Self-Serve Print Stations

Doing it yourself at the self-service stations in Office Depot stores cuts your costs by at least 25% over full-service orders. Except for extremely large, complex jobs, self-serve kiosks can handle about 90% of routine printing tasks.


2. Print Multiples Per Page

When making copies of magazine articles, news clippings, recipe pages, and other casual documents, print two, four, or even six reduced-size pages onto one sheet. Then use a paper cutter or scissors to trim out the individual pieces. This technique easily halves average per page costs.

3. Print Double-Sided

You’ll use half the paper and half the price per printed page by enabling duplex printing at self-serve kiosks for documents intended to be bound or hole-punched. It does take a few extra seconds to manually flip pages on the glass for two-sided copying. But huge savings make the minimal effort worthwhile.

4. Buy Store Brand Paper

Opt for Office Depot’s house brand multi-use copy paper rather than pricier national brands when stocking up on printing paper. A case of 10 reams runs around $35 to $55 for 100% virgin fiber or recycled paper in bright white and other popular shades. That comes out to less than $6 per ream in many common weights and grain directions.

5. Order Larger Quantities

The bulk you buy, the more you save applies to Office Depot printing too. On photo reprints, for example, buying quantities of 20, 50, or 100 each drops unit pricing considerably. Larger orders of custom posters, banners, and branded collateral also mean much lower per item expenses.


6. Use the Office Depot App

Download and install the Office Depot app on your Android or Apple mobile device for easy access to weekly coupons along with fast in-store checkout. Frequent shoppers get the most value with automatic app-only specials and free delivery rewards in exchange for activity.

Comparing Home Printing vs. Office Depot Printing

Consumers today have ample options for producing documents and photographs affordably around the home. The latest generation of wireless all-in-one printers can copy, scan, fax, and connect to cloud apps. Output remains serviceable for basic everyday needs with negligible consumables costs.

However, once you move beyond printing a few pages per week, Office Depot services deliver more value, starting with sheer economy of scale. Large production machinery cranking out thousands of prints daily simply drives costs lower compared to desktop equipment designed for light use.

Here’s an overview of factors to compare when deciding between home and Office Depot printing:


Cost Comparison

  • Home Printing – Higher upfront costs for printer hardware, ongoing supplies expenses
  • Office Depot Printing – Significantly lower per-print costs with no machinery overhead

Quality Levels

  • Home Printing – Basic text pages and family photos are decent
  • Office Depot Printing – Commercial production for sharp pro graphics and photos

Print Options

  • Home Printing – Limited media sizes, no finishing features beyond basics
  • Office Depot Printing – Wide range of paper, binding, lamination, mounting

Job Volumes

  • Home Printing – Best for up to a few hundred pages per month
  • Office Depot Printing – Ideal for large copy runs or on-demand needs


  • Home Printing – Have to buy supplies, replace cartridges, clear jams
  • Office Depot Printing – Walk in and walk out with prints in hand

On very light print loads like a child’s occasional schoolwork or small stacks of family pics, buying your printer may work out. But for most business use, higher page volumes favor time and money savings from Office Depot print services.

FAQs on Office Depot Printing Cost Per Page Black and White:

Understanding policies, technical specifics, and logistics around Office Depot printing eliminates hassles when order time comes. These frequently asked questions provide helpful facts and guidance:

  • Q: Does Office Depot offer same day printing services?

Yes. In-store self-serve and full-service print stations can output black and white or color copies while you wait or with a very short turnaround. Or choose in-store pickup at checkout for files you upload online to avoid return trips.

  • Q: What file types can I submit for Office Depot printing online?

Virtually all standard document, image, and graphics formats are accepted. This includes PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DOC/DOCX, PPT, and many more. Complex files like editable Adobe InDesign templates may require conversing with production staff to finalize specifications before orders can proceed.

  • Q: Can Office Depot print photos directly from my phone?

Yes. At the Print and Copy Center kiosks in Office Depot stores, select the Mobile Print option. Then scan the QR code shown on the screen to sync your mobile device and select images for direct wireless printing. For extended photo sessions, use self-serve stations after transferring files to a USB flash drive.

  • Q: Does Office Depot laminate documents?

Both hot and cold lamination up to 3 feet wide is available in stores for an additional fee per square foot. This allows protecting posters, signs, charts, maps, book covers, and other flat paper materials in glossy or matte durable plastic. Turnaround is usually the same day for smaller jobs.

  • Q: Can Office Depot print CAD drawings or architectural plans?

Yes. Large format print machines in stores can output detailed technical diagrams, blueprints, aerial photos, maps, and artwork up to 3 feet by whatever length the PDF image allows at surprisingly affordable rates. Finishing options help maintain plan accuracy.

  • Q: What types of binding does Office Depot offer?

Stores have binding machines to edge-glue reports, manuals, booklets, and thick presentations into perfect binds. Mechanical bindings like tape, coil, comb, velobind, and screw posts better accommodate frequent handling, page additions, or 3-ring binder storage.

  • Q: Does Office Depot print photos directly onto wood, metal, or glass?

Currently, Office Depot retail locations do not offer hard surface direct-to-substrate photo printing. However, through their custom framing partners, you can order aluminum dibond, acrylic, wood, and gallery-wrapped canvas prints produced centrally for shipment to your local store for pickup.

  • Q: What photo editing and tweaking can Office Depot perform?

Basic automated batch editing like red-eye removal, brightness adjustment, cropping, and date stamping is available right at ordering kiosks. For more complex retouching or compositing involving masking, layering, filter effects, or other manual techniques, the consumer will need image editing software and skills.

  • Q: Can Office Depot print photos from Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos?

Yes. At print kiosks, choose the Facebook Print or Instagram Print option. Scan the QR code to authorize social media connections. Then select images from your account to download and print automatically. For Google Photos access, save desired pictures to a shared album first.

Conclusion – Convenience and Value from Office Depot Printing

With easy self-service print stations supplemented by helpful store staff and online production services, Office Depot makes completing nearly any document or photo job a breeze.


Competitive pricing coupled with regular discounts, rewards programs, and special coupons provide further incentives for choosing Office Depot over buying your printer.

So next time you need affordable copies, photos, posters, manuals, booklets, business cards, or other printed materials with quick turnaround, look no further than the convenient pick-up and delivery solutions from Office Depot’s nationwide retail print network.

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