UPS Printing Cost – How Much Does it Cost?


With most people and businesses relying heavily on digital documents and communication, you might think printed materials are fading into history.


However, despite the dominance of PDFs and office printers, there are still innumerable situations where access to convenient, affordable printing services is vital. From important business presentations and training materials to promotional flyers and brochures, producing professional-looking printed media remains a must at times.

That’s where understanding your options for inexpensive, quality document printing is critical if you don’t have an in-house department or printer capable of mass production.

Determining when alternatives like online printing might save over quick printers at chains like UPS can have a real budget and productivity impact.


UPS Printing Cost

UPS Printing Cost



In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze the true costs of using popular UPS Store locations for your copying and finishing needs. What pricing tiers and discounts come with higher quantities?

How much extra do special services like binding and lamination add? And when does outsourcing big projects to outside printers or attempting home printing pay off versus the convenience of UPS? Whether you need 50 two-sided handouts or 5000 mailers, this in-depth analysis has the answers to maximizing affordability.

Printing documents at UPS can be an affordable and convenient option for many people. Overall, UPS offers competitive pricing for basic printing services, especially for small jobs. However, for bulk or complex printing needs, there may be cheaper alternatives.


How Much Does It Cost to Print at UPS?

The cost to print at UPS varies depending on the type and size of the print job. Here is an overview of UPS printing costs:

Black and White Printing

  • Black and white copies: $0.19 per page (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Black and white oversize copies: $0.49 per page (up to 36 x 48 inches)

Color Printing

  • Color copies: $0.59 per page (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • Color oversize copies: $1.19+ per page

Additional Services & Fees

  • Binding: Starts at $2 per book
  • Laminating: $3.29+ per document
  • Fax services: $1.99 for first page, $0.99 per additional page
  • Finishing services (stapling, comb binding, etc.)
  • Rush delivery fees

Keep in mind that UPS Store locations are independently owned and operated, so exact pricing may vary by location.

UPS Printing Costs Overview

Print Service Starting Cost
Black & White Copies $0.19 per page
Color Copies $0.59 per page
Binding $2 per book
Laminating $3.29 per document

UPS Printing Services

UPS Stores offer a variety of printing services beyond basic copies. Some of their additional capabilities include:

  • ✓Binding & Finishing: Create professional bound documents, books, and manuals with comb binding, coil binding, tape binding, and velo binding options
  • ✓Labels & Stickers: Print high-quality mailing labels, shipping labels, product labels, and custom stickers
  • ✓Signs & Banners: Print yard signs, banners, posters, blueprints, window clings and more large-format items
  • ✓Promotional Items: Business cards, brochures, letterhead, marketing materials
  • ✓ Wide-format printing: Blueprints, posters, tradeshow graphics
  • ✓Additional Convenience Services: File conversion, document scanning, faxing, shredding, mailboxes, and more

So beyond basic document printing, The UPS Store offers a wide range of business and consumer printing solutions.


How Much Does Black and White Printing Cost at UPS?

The standard rate for black and white copies at UPS is $0.19 per page for 8.5 x 11-inch pages. This pricing applies to basic document printing on normal copy paper.

Here are some other key details about UPS black and white printing costs:

  • Oversize copies up to 36 x 48 inches are $0.49 per page
  • Double-sided pages are charged as two pages
  • Bulk discounts may apply for large copy orders
  • Additional fees charged for sorting, collating, stapling

So typically you can expect to pay around 20 cents per page for black and white printing. Costs may be slightly higher for extra services like binding, special papers, laminating, etc.

How Much Does Color Printing Cost at UPS?

The starting rate for color copies at UPS is $0.59 per page for 8.5 x 11-inch sheets. This standard pricing applies for normal color documents printed with single-sided pages.


Here are some other UPS color printing costs to be aware of:

  • Oversize color copies can cost $1.19+ per page
  • Double-sided color printing is charged per side
  • Specialty paper charges may apply
  • Finishing fees for binding, laminating, etc.

In most cases, you can expect color printing prices around 60 cents per page at UPS retail locations. Complex projects like booklets or special binding can cost more.

How Much Do Printing Labels Cost at UPS?

To print shipping labels or product labels at UPS, costs generally start from $0.19 per page for black and white label sheets. Some other UPS label printing costs include:

  • Color labels start around $0.59 per page
  • Specialty label stock can have additional fees
  • File setup/design charges may apply
  • Discount prices on bulk label orders

You can often supply your label sheets for even greater savings on labels printed at UPS Stores. This allows you to source low-priced supplies and then have UPS Store staff handle the printing conveniently.


How Much Does Binding & Laminating Cost at UPS?

For professional binding and laminating services, UPS printing costs typically start at:

  • Binding: From $2 per book/document up to larger projects
  • Laminating: Minimum $3.29 per document

Keep in mind that costs for these finishing services can vary considerably based on factors like:

  • The binding type needed (velo, comb, coil, etc.)
  • Size and thickness of document/book
  • Type of laminating materials used

Overall binding and laminating represent some of the most affordable offerings from The UPS Store for document finishing needs.

Cheapest Place to Print

If you have major printing needs for booklets, manuals, catalogs, or bulk mailings, the cheapest place to print is often online commercial printing services. Compared to local retail print shops, top commercial printers offer:

  • Wholesale pricing – Lower per-item costs for large orders
  • Volume discounts – Tiered savings for bigger print runs
  • Business services – Expert help with design, file prepping, mailing
  • Convenience – Fast online ordering, rapid delivery

Some of the most affordable and reliable online print companies include Vistaprint, Printify, and PrintRunner.

Provider Key Details
Vistaprint Volume discounts, design services, global delivery
Printify Integrated with popular e-commerce platforms
PrintRunner Specializes in faster business printing

To maximize savings, be sure to compare shop between a few of these commercial online printers to find the best combo of price, quality, and service.

Bulk Printing

For bulk printing projects for your business, church, school, or nonprofit, using a commercial online printer can deliver major cost savings versus standard copy shops.

Some benefits of bulk printing include:

  • Per item costs as low as 10+ cents for simple black and white pages
  • Total order discounts that increase with higher quantities
  • Rush production options available for fast turnarounds
  • Consolidated shipping rates on large print orders

Here is an overview of typical price thresholds for popular bulk printing items, assuming 5-7 day standard production.

Printed Product Bulk Rate Starts Avg. Cost Per Item
Black/White Copies 500+ $0.10 to $0.15
Color Copies 250+ $0.50+
Booklets 100+ $2+
Postcards 250+ $0.20+

No matter what type of materials you need to print in bulk, working with a commercial printer can save big over sporadic small orders at chain retail shops.

Printing at Home – Is It Cheaper?

Thanks to significant advances in desktop printer quality and affordable generic supplies, printing basic documents at home is more viable than ever. This gives rise to the question – when does home printing save money versus using a commercial print service?

In general, lower-volume basic document printing is cheaper at home when:

  • You only need less than 100 pages per month: Cheaper toner makes up for retail print costs
  • Double-side duplexing to reduce paper use
  • Using lower-cost generic toners or ink replacement cartridges
  • Compare electricity use to commercial equipment and delivery

However, once your home printing needs exceed about 100 pages per month, a basic black-and-white office printer would need to produce each page at under 2 cents to beat even discount retail print rates.

For color printing, output quality and operating costs rarely make home printing more affordable. Instead, services like online flyer printing tend to be cheaper for color documents, photos, and such vs inkjet printer cartridge prices.

Top Alternatives for Affordable Printing

If you decide the rates at your local UPS store are too high for your budget or needs, here are excellent options for discounted printing:

Print Alternative Benefits Avg. Pricing
FedEx Office Convenience, self-service kiosks Similar to UPS rates
Staples Low starting prices, coupons available 4 cents black and white copies before discounts
VistaPrint Huge volume discounts 500 color flyers from $37 + shipping
DIY Home Printing Only very small jobs cheaper Under 5 cents per page do-it-yourself
Online Print Hubs Wholesale pricing, top quality 1000 color programs from $59 shipped
Local Copy Shops Support small business 5 to 15 cents per copy is common

The main takeaway is that standalone UPS Stores tend to offer competitive yet not highly discounted printing prices compared to other major chains and online printers. But for small jobs under 25 copies, the convenience and speed of UPS are unmatched. For major projects, maximizing savings depends on shopping around.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is printing cheaper at UPS or Staples?

For most small jobs under 25 copies, pricing is very similar at Staples and UPS. But for larger orders, Staples has lower base rates of 4 cents per black and white page.

  • How much does it cost to print 1000 pages at UPS?

Approximately $190 for 1000 black and white single-sided pages at standard UPS pricing. Run charges can be slightly cheaper. Bulk color printing 1000 pages costs around $590 base rate.

  • What is the cheapest place to print 1000 color copies?

Commercial online printers like VistaPrint and PrintRunner offer the most affordable pricing for big color print jobs. For example, PrintRunner can produce 1000 color copies for as low as $72 total.

  • How much does it cost to print and bind a book at UPS?

To print and professionally bind a 100-page softcover book at UPS would start around $125+ depending on binding choices. This includes around 20 cents per double-sided b/w page and tape binding fees.

  • Is UPS print quality good?

Yes, UPS utilizes advanced Canon, Xerox, and HP professional-grade copiers so print quality standards are very good across locations. Color printing technology has also vastly improved.

  • Is UPS printing cheaper than FedEx?

UPS and FedEx regular copy rates are nearly identical. Though FedEx may have lower bulk pricing on large orders over 5000 copies. UPS often runs periodic coupons providing 20% off prints or other promotions.

  • Can you email documents to UPS to print?

Yes, most UPS Stores can receive print jobs via email for convenient remote document printing. You simply send attachments to the store’s designated email address.

  • Is laminating cheaper at Staples or UPS?

On average, UPS and Staples’ regular retail rates for basic laminating needs are comparable. Both change fees based on pouch sizes. Key factors are periodic discounts and store membership perks.

  • How much does it cost per page to print your stickers?

Printing your stickers at UPS with supplied sticker sheets or using full-sheet sticker paper averages around 20 cents per sheet for either black plus white or color. Overage fees can apply for complex die-cut stickers.

  • What printers are used at UPS Stores?

Most UPS Stores rely on advanced Canon, Xerox, and HP printers for professional-quality output, usually using laser toner technology vs slower inkjet. Specialized options for blueprints, banners, and marketing materials are also available depending on location and demand.

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In summary, printing everyday documents at UPS Stores offers reasonable pricing and convenience when you only require small quantities under 25-50 pages. But for major copy jobs, bulk orders, or promotional materials, alternatives like Staples, FedEx Office, and online printing tend to offer much cheaper rates.

Some good rules of thumb when evaluating the affordability of printing projects at The UPS Store include:

  • ✓ Under 25 pages – Usually fast and economical
  • ✓ 50-200 pages – Compare with other retail rates
  • ✓ 200+ pages – Use online commercial printers

The pricing gap continues to widen as page counts increase into the thousands. UPS finishing services for binding, laminating, and banners carry retail markups higher than commercial printers.

Still, for a 10-page training packet or 25-page proposal, it’s tough to beat the quick turnaround of UPS convenience printing.


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